What you need to succeed in business – the Perfect Business Model (PBM)


What is this PBM or Perfect Business Model? I myself have never heard of one; nor have I imagined anyone coming up with such grandiose claims that in business one can have such a business model that is guaranteed to bring what you dream of achieving. Is there some kind of magic formula or secret strategy that a genie (or a genius) invented and has only now been revealed?

Let us ask Guaranteed Prosperity – even the name of the company promises a lot; it is certainly worth looking into. What do you have to lose?

Well, first of all, you will have to invest four days to attend a seminar where Meir Ezra, GP proprietor, together with this staff will divulge the tools or the principles needed to achieve your elusive goals in a productive venture and a prosperous life. Yes, Meir Ezra promises both aspects of your personal existence will benefit from what he has in store for you – business success as well as a fulfilling life.

It has been said that in the past 150 years, only 1,000 companies survived while 88 million others failed. Well, at first glance we would think that 150 years is too much to expect for a business to last. It often happens that a family business – say a restaurant or a hardware store – may last for more than two decades or even 50 years while the founder or initiator lives; but the business closes once the founder is gone since the children do not carry on the torch.

But here is a man who says it is not enough for a business to last a generation but for two generations or more. Otherwise, it is not worth having that business at all.  We can see where he is going there, don’t you think so? Why marry if you have no plan of hoping to see your children have children and so on and so forth, as much as you can manage to survive for a lifetime. In business, it is definitely wise to have such a goal in mind and make it happen, as long as you have the system to do it.

GP, as Meir Ezra claims, has the knowledge to pass on to people which will allow them to establish business concerns that are guaranteed to last for generations. This is, perhaps, the most revolutionary idea many of us have ever encountered in a long while. We read Fortune 500 and think such kind of success is only for the few lucky ones or those who have the motivation to pursue great success in enterprise. For most of us, survival on a small comfortable income or running a small retail store is enough.

So, unless you convince yourself that there is a business venture that is worth passing on to your children and to the succeeding generations after them, you will not find great eagerness to know the Perfect Business Model GP is shouting over the housetops about.

Check out this short outline of the seminar and you might convince yourself that GP does have some great things going for their company and for the rest of us.

The seminar hopes to show you:

  • How to create a model for YOUR business and YOUR life
  • How to turn your staff into an efficient wealth producer
  • How to hire people and avoid common hiring mistakes
  • What your company organization needs to achieve positive results
  • How you should use money and avoid losing it
  • How to streamline the organization and the products or services offered
  • How to differentiate between new and existing clients – they are definitely not the same
  • How to tell the difference between a strategy, tactical plan, operational plan and tasks
  • And there is more in store for you. . . .

The next step is all up to you to decide. Everyone deserves a chance at having a prosperous and happy life.


Learn With Meir Ezra About Company Values and Business


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The business field seems to be very challenging these days. It seems as if one has to be a ruthless person to get ahead in the business world. Meir Ezra is a personality who has brought revolution in the thoughts and perceptions of the people. He has built his own personal success, and he is willing to share his secrets in his sales seminar in Tampa.

Here is the detail regarding the shining career of Meir Ezra. Basically, he is an entrepreneur however, he is not such a man who sticks in one profession. It will not be wrong to say that he is an inventor as well who has invented a lot of things. One of the reasons for his popularity is that he has role in the promotion of gasoline management systems. Because of his skills and contribution, gasoline management systems earned many billions within a period of three years. One of his interesting hobbies was submarine diving for the U.S Navy. He has the title to be a participant for each and every activity.

He has shown tremendous progress in many aspects of the business field. He has generated a hundred million dollars of worth in a gasoline management company in just three short years. He also created Time maker Leadership Software, the most innovative software for the management and efficient functioning of businesses. Because of his extraordinary mind, he has also stepped in the area of telecommunication. Some more inventions from his life history are hotel software solutions, pay-by-cell technology and the cell phone blockers.

This approach is very effective as it focuses on all the individuals. They serve the clients in the best way for the payment they get from clients. This organization focuses on all the aspects such as relationships of the client, his health etc. The importance of these facts are easy to discern if you want an affluent company. It is very good for the business success to have personal relation with this organization. Plus, expansion is a possibility for your new venture, and all because Ezra gets to know his clients.

It is highly likely that a traditional business owner’s mindset is full of practical advice that is better suited for the nineteenth, or twentieth centuries. True growth and profit is dependent upon setting the mind on the future. There are many people who are talented but unfortunately, their thoughts have been locked in an out of date manner. People become committed to learn the techniques related to the success and growth of business. The seminars of Ezra teach the business-minded people that there are many other aspects as well that are indirectly related to the success of any business and such aspects have to be considered.

Meir Ezra uses all the ways to make his clients a successful person.For this reason, he’s the perfect mentor for coaching with guaranteed results in Tampa, FL.

Meir Ezra has the mindset, philosophy and will to succeed where other business owners do not. Other than ordinary business owners, he feels pleasure in sharing his experiences and plans with others even in this age of competition. He provides such training in his seminars that has never seen in any other seminar all over the world. The success of his seminars is directly related to the success of himself. Unlimited income potential and the driving force behind it is at the core of Meir Ezra business seminars!

Meir Ezra Announces Business Coaching With Guaranteed Results

Seminars are offered by Meir Ezra

Four-day business seminars are offered by Meir Ezra that focus on the Perfect Business Model (PBM) blueprint to set business owners on the path to success. Results are guaranteed or your money back.

In this seminar, the PBM blueprint will be used to help business owners gain an understand of their current position and the changes they need to make to get where they want to be. The seminar will cover a variety of different concepts, including how to hire the right staff, how to budget properly, and how to make improvements on both one’s company and one’s products/services. Meir Ezra

This business coaching offered by Meir Ezra will explore how a business can go wrong and why many businesses have failed through the years. Businesses need a proper blueprint if they are expecting things to work out right. Many business owners get started in their venture because they are very technically proficient in a certain area. However, this Meir Ezra business coaching seminar addresses the fact that business owners need to understand how to run a business in addition to understanding their industry. A business owner with nothing but technical know-how is bound to have trouble successfully running a company.

The business coaching seminar hosted by Meir Ezra is a good way for business owners to develop a blueprint for their company regardless of the size of their business or the industry in which they work. Those who attend the seminar will learn about the seven specific areas that businesses must consider when devising an efficient management strategy. Not only will Meir Ezra’s business coaching seminar explore these seven areas, but it will include developing a complete understanding of the technology that is necessary to excel in all of these areas.

If you’re interested in meeting Meir Ezra in person and attending his business coaching seminar, but sure to visit his web site at www.guaranteed-prosperity.com.  Enter your contact details at this site and someone from Meir Ezra’s office will contact you promptly to answer any questions you may have and help you register you for the event.