A big mistake people are making is that they think they learn from experience… you don’t!

People that divorce will keep having bad relationship.

People that fail in business keep failing in business.

People don’t learn from mistakes. And, it applies to parents too!

Parents do not learn from their mistakes or their parents’ mistakes, and so parents do not improve as parents.

I know it is shocking BUT it is true.

Now what we do know is that parents love their children.

When you love someone you want to do for them what you consider is good.

And that is the MISTAKE.

What you consider is good for you is NOT what ACTUALLY is good for your child.


You don’t know – no one gave you any play book on how to raise kids.

And that’s why the GP Parent Academy exists – we supply the play book for raising children…

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Much Love,

Meir Ezra

Founder, GP Parent Academy